Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-9-08 - Book # 9

Well tonight I had a little bit of a different experience, it was something that I usually wouldn't have done. I had to stay late at work to get some files caught up, and after I left I went to Danielle's house. On the way I stopped to get gas. Well all the pumps were full so I was parked waiting for someone to move. While I was sitting there a homeless guy came up to my window and asked for some money. All I had was a dollar. We chatted for a second, turns out he was born in Germany and can't get any paperwork set up with immigration because he doesn't have his birth certificate. So after a little bit, I decided I wanted to give him a pass-a-long card as well. Well anywho, that's all I had, and a spot opened up so I went and got gas. He was walking around the pumps and walked by me again and we chatted again for another couple seconds. Then before my truck was finished, I ran inside and bought a bag of chips, a ham and turkey sandwich, and a pint of milk. I went outside and finished pumping my gas. At that time he was around the corner of the building. So I pulled over there and told him that for some reason I felt differently about him. And I believed his story for some reason and really wanted to help him. I told him I bought him some stuff, and that I wanted to give him a book that would help him find real happiness. I handed him the book and he asked if it was a bible. Told him it was a lot like the bible, but that it contained everything the bible was missing, and that together with the bible, they contained the fulness of Christ's teachings. He said that he loved jesus christ and that he prayed every morning and every night. Usually I wouldn't give a book of mormon to somebody who really wouldn't do anything with it, but for some reason I thought he would. So I drove off and got a little ways down the road and realized I didn't know his name. I flipped a u-turn and went back to the gas station. Turns out his name is

Thomas Lösch. Hopefully he'll be blessed in some way from the book of mormon.

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