Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-22-08 - Book # 22

Tonight I had my first class at UNLV. The Book of Mormon is going to be sooo easy to give out here. Everyone is searching for something! They're all trying to find direction in their lives! So tonight I didn't have a pen to write in the front of the book, so I had to stop in 7-Eleven to borrow a pen. As I walked out, I was headed toward my car and there was a kid walking towards me. I asked him how he was doing and told him I wanted to give him something. He was VERY accepting. I asked if he'd ever seen the book before, he said he hadn't. So I asked if he had heard of the Mormons before, and he said he had, just that he'd never seen the book. I told him that I wrote down a website in the front of the book and that it has a lot of answers to common questions that people have. I told him that I was giving out the book because it had blessed my life so much that I wanted it to bless somebody else. He was way cool, and thanked me for it as we parted ways. College is sweet, giving out the book of mormon is going to be a lot of fun while I'm here.

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