Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-2-08 - Book # 2

This evening I went to the temple with Jaron Wilson, Josh Fernandez, and Nick Becker. We went and did sealings with Nancy Ball for our ward temple assignment. It was really good. On the way home, we decided to stop and get some food at Arby's. After we had finished eating we were walking towards the car, and there was a guy in front of us heading towards his car as well. As he got to his car, he turned around and checked every one of us out. (you could tell he was thinking we were religious because we were all dressed in shirts and ties) So when his eyes locked with mine, I asked him how he was doing and if he liked to read. He enthusiatically answered yes as well. So I said hang on one second. I walked over to Jaron's truck were I had a copy of the Book of Mormon in my temple bag, grabbed the book and walked back over to him. He asked if we were Jehovah witness, so I cleared that up real quick. I then explained to him that the Book of Mormon had changed my life. He told me he was a christian and that he loved learning. So I then further explained that the Book of Mormon is a record of Christ's visit to the American continent. He actually seemed to be understanding. I asked him to check out the website I had written in the front of the book, and to call me if he had any questions. He extended a handshake and we went our separate ways.

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