Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-24-08 - Book # 24

Not a very exciting experience today, just an easy give away at UNLV. I was walking to my car from my spanish class and there was a girl who was walking along side of me. It was kind of funny because my G.Q. (golden question) totally backfired. I said to her my classic line, "Do you like to read?" It was great because she told me that she really didn't like to read. I told her I wanted to give her something anyway. I pulled the book out and showed it to her. She was nice and said she would take it. I told her to check out the website and she said she would. I wonder how far this whole giving away copies of the book of mormon will reach. Ya know what I mean? I wonder if it'll be a person I give the book to, or if it will be somehow related to the person I give the book to. Another interesting thing, is that I totally think that I'm doing this for myself more than anything, I am definitely getting over my fear of sharing the book of mormon with people. Good stuff.

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