Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-4-08 - Book # 4

So I JUST gave out book #4. It was interesting because I didn't know if I was going to go out tonight. I just got some cool recording stuff and wanted to just stay here and play it all night long. Well while I was playing, the doorbell rang. It was a kid selling subscriptions to the newspaper. I totally wasn't interested and told him no like 30 times I swear. But he was a dang good salesman. So eventually he talked me into buying a subscription for 13 weeks of the Sunday newspaper for 20 bucks. So while I was writing down my info, I invited him in. He saw the piano and asked to play it, then saw the guitar and asked to play that. He was a pretty cool kid. His name was Jeremy. He went to Cimmaron and graduated in 2004. Anywho, so before he left, I realized that he was the one supposed to get the book tonight. So when I was walking him out the front, we small talked for a second, then I told him I had something for him. I walked over to my truck and grabbed the book. I then told him how much it's blessed my life and that I knew it would bless his too. I showed him the website that I had written down in front of the book, and told him to check it out. He said, "oh yeah totally, like keep an open mind to all things right?" I said exactly man. We shook hands and he headed down the street. Seemed like a real bright kid. He'd make a great missionary someday with those salesman skills!

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