Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-12-08 - Book # 12

Well tonight I drove around by myself for quite a while, and wasn't able to find anyone who I felt was the one for the book of mormon… I finally decided just to head back towards the house and see what happens. I got all the way home and didn't find anyone. Then my parents called and they were close by doing some shopping. So I decided to go meet up with them and have them help me give out the book. We drove around for a while, they kept offering lots of people to give it to. As we drove around, my dad finally decided that we should say a prayer to help us find the right person. After we had finished the prayer we drove through the home depot parking lot and saw a man carrying some wood looking for his car. We decided that he was the right one for the book. So we went out and parked and my dad and I started walking in towards the store. We passed by the guy and I said hello to him. Then I said that I wanted to give him a book. When I showed him it was the book of mormon, he said "I sorry, I don't speak much english". So I said, "Oh! Esta bien, hablas espanol?" and he said he did and kinda chuckled… I totally think he spoke english but tried to get out of it. Anyway, I talked to him the rest of the time in spanish and told him to check out the Website and there he would be able to find all the information he might need in spanish. He was really nice, his name was Jesus… Gotta love that.

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