Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-7-08 - Book # 7

Today I went with Danielle out on a couple errands. While we were out we decided to read helaman chapter 1. It was a good chapter about wars and how Coriantemer (sp?) was killed in a battle. Well anywho, we were looking for people as we were driving around and reading. We drove into the Albertsons parking lot and Danielle spotted a guy walking his cart out to his car with his little boy. So we decided that he was the one for the night. We pulled up to him and I asked if he believed in Christ. He said he did, so I handed him I wanted to give him a book. I asked if he had everr heard of the mormons and he said he had. I told him my testimony real quick about how it's blessed my life. He seemed really nice and his boy looked real good too. I hope they can grow to learn about eternal families and how he and his boy will never be separated after this life.

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