Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-1-08 - Book # 1

I had just left Deseret Book and was driving down the road when I saw a guy sitting on the ground at a bus stop with a couple back packs. I felt like he should be the person I gave the first Book of Mormon to. I pulled over, and wrote a quick note inside the cover. I walked up behind him and said "Hey what's up? Do you like to read?" He said yes so I knelt down beside him and handed him the Book of Mormon. He was excited and seemed to recognize the book. He immediately started flipping through the pages. He then asked me if I go to church, I told him of course, and he said, "Well hey! Can you take this bag of clothes there for me?" and he pointed to one of his 3 backpacks. He said he was planning on taking them to homeless people downtown, but he wanted me to donate them to the church instead. I said of course, and that I would be honored to drop that off for him. He told me he was headed downtown, and that his name was Eric. Really nice guy, had to be in his twenty's. He looked homeless himself, but I couldn't tell for sure. He would make a great member of the church, I could see the light of Christ in him. I dropped the clothes off at Deseret Industries on my way home.

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