Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-8-08 - Book # 8

Today was fun, we went to soccer tonight. We got there at 8:00 and nobody else was there and I wasn't planning on anybody getting there till 8:30 at least. So it was me, Trey Tagliaferi, Enrique, and Tivo just hanging out waiting for people to come. Well some people that we didn't know came up to us and asked if they could play with us. I told them yeah, but that we were waiting for a few more people. They said, well lets just play right now. So we said sure of course, and played with them the whole time. While we were playing, I found out it was a dad and his two kids, and one of their friends…. So before the game was over, I ran out to the truck and grabbed a book of mormon and wrote my testimony about eternal families in it. After the game was over, I went over and told them thanks for playing and gave them the book. The Dad's name was Carlos so I gave it to him. He was very nice and openly accepted the book. I let him know it had changed my life and that it would change his. Pretty exciting stuff.

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