Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-13-08 - Book # 13

Tonight I came to the realization that since I'm giving out 40 copies of the book of mormon, every one of my neighbors should have one in their house as well! So I decided I was going to give it to one of them tonight. I got home and Danielle came over, and the house I wanted to give it to was all dark, so I felt bad knocking. But they'll get it another night… So I went across the street and knocked on the door with the lit up porch. They had one of those darn one way screen doors, ya know the kind where they can see me but I look like a weirdo talking to nobody… anywho, I told him that I was from across the street and that I wanted to give him something. I extended him the book and he opened the door to take it and said thank you. He seemed nice enough about it, so I asked him his name, and it was David. Conversation didn't go very far after that, except for when I was walking away he said, "hey, I noticed that you decorated your house for christmas, do you want a wreath?" I thought that was rather nice of him, even though I had no idea what I'd do with a wreath… He told me to come check it out because it was a big one. Turns out its like 10 feet long, and its not a circle wreath, it's like garlin (if that is the word). It was pretty sweet lookin! Although I had no idea where I'd keep it. Well he told me him and his son would bring it over in the morning. I thanked him and ran back over to the house. I'll get a book of mormon in the house of everyone on my street, you watch!

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