Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-25-08 - Book # 25

Today was a busy day, and I didn't have school so it wasn't an easy Book of Mormon day like every other day this week. Tonight I went to Danielle's softball game and didn't end up getting done with that till around 11:00. Well I needed gas, so I went to the gas station and there was a nice looking guy who apparently was a security guard, getting gas. I walked over to him and told him that I wanted to give him something that has blessed my life, and showed him the book of mormon. He wasn't very enthusiastic, but he didn't seem upset about it or anything. Just said thanks, and set it on his car and finished pumping his gas. I hope that each of these books find their way into somebodies heart sooner or later. As long as at least one person's life is blessed because of this, it would make it all worth it.

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