Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-26-08 - Book # 26

Today was a really fun day again. I hung out with Danielle pretty much the whole day. We got up and practiced softball, then we set up for this sadies dinner that Keli (danielle's little sister) was having at their house. It was good. Then I went home, took a nap and changed, then went back over to help entertain the kiddos during dinner. Well after dinner was over, we had planned a surprise birthday party for Emily at Alise's boyfriend, Timmy's house. So we rushed over there and long story short, it was a fun lil surprise. She had no idea. Well while we were at the party, time was a tickin and I hadn't given out the book of mormon yet… so Mark Pruter and I went for a walk in Timmy's neighborhood to see if we could find anyone. We walked outside and there were some people out sitting in their garage across the way. So I told Mark we should go walk by them and see what happens. We took a stroll over there and as we were walking past their driveway, one of the guys came out of the garage and asked if they could come to the party. We said of course! As he was holding his beer and cigarette in his hand. He asked if there was any beer at the party, and we said sorry, just a bunch of Mormon kids hangin out, no alcohol. He said it was cool, then we talked about where he was from. His name was Jay and he was from Guam. Mark apparently had a friend that served nearby there so it was good small talk. Then after things started to wrap up, I told him that I had something I wanted to give him. And when I told him what it was and handed it to him, he totally acted different and very gratefully said, "This is for me?" I told him it was just for him and that it had really blessed my life and I knew it would bless his too. We talked for a couple more seconds, then headed back to the party. It's crazy how God keeps putting people in my path that are open to learning more. Missionary work is great.

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