Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-11-08 - Book # 11

Well today was the first time I had to talk the guy into taking the book. He was a little resistant at first, but it went good after a little bit. So the story goes, tonight Trey Tagliaferi, and Jeff Evans and I went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for something to eat. After we were done the hunt began. We drove around for seriously 20 minutes trying to find someone to give the book of mormon to. Finally we found the guy, they had just pulled up at the gas station and so we followed them in. The driver stayed in the car with his window down while his two passengers got out and went inside. I pulled up to the nearby pump and just started small talking with him. Then I asked him if he liked to read. He said no, but that he had the internet so he read on there…. (I was a little confused by his comment so I said) So you like to read, but just on the internet? He said well yeah, and books. So I said I had a great book for him to read, one that would bless his life. I pulled out the book of mormon and he said, oh the bible? I said no, actually it's another testament of Jesus Christ, just like the Bible. When he saw it was a Book of Mormon, he said, oh no I don't need that. No no no, I believe in Jesus Christ, not that book. And I told him that I believed in Jesus Christ too. Then he said yeah, there's only the Father, the son, and the holy ghost. And I said, yeah I believe in that too! Then he said, no you can keep the book, I don't need it, only Christ can save me. And once again, I said, yeah I believe that too! Then I asked him to please just take the book. It's free. I told him he didn't have to do anything with it, but I hoped he would at least read the introduction to actually learn about the book. I told him I bet he thinks I worship Joseph Smith doesn't he? And he said, yeah that guy. I told him that he was a prophet who taught about christ, and that we don't worship Joseph but that we're grateful that he gave us what he did. I extended him the book and he took it. I flipped the pages and showed him the introduction. I told him it just explains what the book is actually about. Then I told him if he wanted to learn more after that, he was welcome to call me or check out the church website. He said he would, and I told him again that it'll bless his life. I turned to walk away and he said, "God bless you" and I repeated it back to him. It was really cool to see how the spirit was able to clear up the confusion this man had on some of the most simple parts of Mormon Doctrine. This gentleman's name was Tommy. That book will change his life if he lets it.

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