Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-28-08 - Book # 28

Man, only 12 books left. Kinda crazy. It doesn't seem like I've given out that many. Tonight Danielle and Emily came over for Dinner. We had Grill cheese and tomato soup. I made it, and I must admit, it was some pretty amazing stuff…. Heh heh. After dinner was done, Emily went to FHE with the Northstar ward and Dke and I went to give out the book of mormon. Oh, I should probably back up. Heavenly Father humbled me again today. So yesterday in church I had to open my mouth and tell everyone how easy it is to give them out at UNLV because EVERYBODY is looking for a free handout. Well today, I was proved wrong. This kid did not want to take the book. And I was persistant, and still, he wasn't havin it. So anywho, Dke and I set out on our journey to find someone to take the book for the evening. I wanted to go somewhere different than the wal-mart parking lot I always tend to go to, so we went up to the smiths shopping center on Rancho and Craig. We drove around, and as we were driving past K-mart, I saw a lady standing outside the store. She looked like she was waiting for someone or something. I decided she was the one. So I parked the car and headed over to talk to her. My idea was that when she made eye contact I was going to start up conversation with her. Well she didn't look at me at all, she actually tried to avoid me. So I walked past her. Then I walked inside K-mart, and walked right back out and walked past her the opposite way thinking she would for sure make eye contact this time. Well she didn't again! So I started talking to her anyway. I told her I wanted to give her something that has really blessed my life. I showed her the book and asked if she'd ever heard of it before. She said she hadn't, but was nice and accepted the gift. She didn't say much, but it looked like she could use some happiness in her life. I hope she lets the book work it's magic.

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