Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1-27-08 - Book # 27

Tonight I had people coming over to watch a movie, and I hadn't given out my book of Mormon for the day. So before they came, I drove around the Wal-mart/Home Depot parking lots looking for someone. I thought I found them, and got out of the car to give them the book, but once I started walking toward them it didn't feel right. So I turned around and got back in the car. I drove around for about 30 minutes trying to find someone and didn't ever feel like it. Well since it was getting late, I decided to head back to my house because people were going to be showing up soon. I got there and Danielle and Emily had just gotten there. I got out and they asked if I had given away the book of mormon yet, and I told them no, but that I was going to do it right then. I tossed them the keys to the house so they could get in, and headed over to my neighbors house. I knocked on the door a couple times and they weren't answering. Finally after the third knock they came to the door. It's the neighbors to my immediate right, and I still don't remember their names, but she came out and I explained to her that I had a really good day at church and that I just wanted to give her a copy of the book of mormon because I knew it would bless her life. She was very nice and took the book. Then we chatted about my dog Marley for a little bit, she really likes that dog. Overall a good experience. Good ol Book of Mormon stories that my teacher tells to me…. Heh heh.

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