Sunday, February 3, 2008

2-1-08 - Book # 32

Tonight was just a quick give-away. Danielle, Emily and I were all going to go to Danielles softball game. Before we went, we needed to stop by Wal-mart. While we were checking out, the guy who was helping us seemed like he could use a good cheering up. I tried talking to him and asking how is day was, but he was practically deaf and could barely hear me. After I had finished paying, I told him I wanted him to have this book, and that it would change his life. He smiled when he saw what it was, maybe because he didn't hear me. He took it and as we walked away Danielle kept looking back and said that he was flipping through the pages. Hopefully our little run-in will make a difference. I know it will as long as he puts forth the effort to do it.

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